8 Tips for Improving Your Small Business Website

Website management professional, Michael Vaughn from Artemesia Technologies gives his tips on  some key elements for a creative and appealing business website:

Simpsons Homepage

  1. Know your audience. Who is your customer and what type of information are they going to want when looking at your website?
  2. Create your brand guide. Your brand and image are the heartbeat of your company, make sure your color palate, logo, and word choice all properly reflect your company and mission.
  3. Tell your story. Evoke emotion with your customers; tell them what your business is all about.
  4. Build your website. Lay out what sections and information need to be on the site and how consumers will navigate it.
  5. Choose your technical skills wisely. Depending on your website needs, look to established companies like WordPress, GoDaddy, Google Analytics, and Constant Contact.
  6. Formulate your SEO strategy. How will you use Search Engine Optimization to increase the traffic to your site?
  7. Create your social media plan. Pad your website with social media platforms; connect with your consumers in more ways.
  8. Assemble your content. Images evoke emotion while text requires discipline. For an appealing website, use pictures of your company or employees that make your company relatable. No one wants to visit a website and just read text.
Gif Courtesy: Simpsons/Giphy.com/FoxStudios/Tumblr.com