Getting your Ducks in a Row: Writing an Effective Marketing Plan

Google recently stated that “Every 2 days, humans produce as much info as produced by all mankind for the 20,000 years leading up to 2003.” Two days?! That’s crazy! So how exactly do you distinguish yourself through all the buzz, trends and confusion?

Mike Sukle, Creative Director and President of Sukle Advertising & Design presented recently at one of our ROI Series workshops and gave his two-cents on just how to create your strategy for effective marketing.

His first suggestion? Focus on IMPACT. You may have an unlimited budget for advertising, but throwing the money at every piece of media just because you have the resources, doesn’t mean you should. It is better to do a few things well, than spread yourself too thin… and this all leads to your brand equity.


  1. Establish Objectives
    1. What exactly are you trying to solve? It is an awareness campaign, a goal of increasing revenue on x service or product, gaining more social media followers?
  2. Understand your Target Audience
    1. Learn your consumer
      1. Gender, age, income, location, etc…these are your metrics
      2. What kind of preferences do they have or problems can your company specifically solve?
  • A great way of gaining insight: send out email surveys, have comment cards at your office/store, ask them to write a review.
  1. Define the key touch-points
    1. Where does your brand come into contact with the consumer? You want to make sure any time you are interacting with the consumer, that it is an experience, and a good experience as that will build your brand loyalty.
      1. At your store
      2. On the radio
      3. In the morning, in the afternoon, commuting times
      4. On the phone
      5. Seasonally
      6. Social media
  1. Track and Evaluate
    1. Is or did the marketing work?
    2. What is the ROI that we received?
    3. What do you want to measure?
      1. This goes back to your objectives…were they met?
      2. Using Google Analytics is an awesome tool!

Check out this video from our ROI: Marketing 101 for more tips!