Tips for Hiring a Professional Contractor so It’s Not a Pinterest Fail

It’s that time of year–the weather is getting nice again, you just received your tax refund, you are itching to bar-b-cue soon…but what’s missing? Oh, the deck, of course! You’ve pinned some ideas, you’ve marked some pages in magazines of the perfect ambiance you want to create for your backyard. We suggest that you do it correct from the start. There are projects that can be done in a weekend and you may not need a professional for, but we have the tips for you to hiring a professional contractor and getting the job done right.

1. Start with a Reliable Source. Use a BBB Accredited Business, visit to read customer reviews and check out a business review online for free.
2. Request a Quote. BBB now offers a free Request a Quote feature on our website. Plug in what type of project you are trying to do and we will have 3 BBB Accredited Businesses send you a quote…for free! No hassles, you can choose to accept or not later.
3. License and Insured. Make certain that the company you are considering has proper licensing. State licensing is not required for general contractors; however, a city or county may require specific licensing.
4. Contract and Payment. Obtain a signed contract that clearly states the start and end date for the project, warranty information and all exact costs and times of payment. Avoid paying large amounts upfront and without a signed contract. Make payments in line with the stages of the job, do not complete payment until the whole project is completed.
5. Building Permits and Bonding. Obtain building permits for the work. Un-permitted work can violate local zoning and building codes, and invalidated insurance coverage. Verify that all workers are bonded to protect you from property theft or damage.

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