Love is in the Air for Scammers, Too

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means the chocolate, cards, flowers, diamonds are all on sale right now. Scammers realize this too…so before you run off to the store to purchase a diamond that’s somehow 50% off or the flowers online that look gorgeous for only $20, do some research.

In 2015, the BBB reports that consumers spent nearly $19 billion dollars on gifts for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day, primarily flowers, and the number one complaint has to do with quality of the delivery of flowers.

The closer you get to the holiday, the lower the fresh inventory is going to be for flowers. Every year, the BBB receives complaints from consumers that the flowers they purchased were DOA (dead on arrival), or the arrangement never arrived. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) even has a name for unscrupulous online florists – petal pushers. What a great pun, right?

What should you do instead? Research a local flower shop and go there. Not only are you supporting your community by purchasing from a local merchant, but you will also be able to create your own arrangement and know that the flowers are quality.
It is pretty difficult to be scammed by chocolate, but again, buy at your local grocery or a local candy shop, you can even taste-test before you buy sometimes while you’re there!

Diamonds and jewelry are very popular around this time—it is the season for love and we are actually in the middle of proposal season as well. Do your homework on those jewelry stores before purchasing. No one likes to pay thousands of dollars on a fake diamond!

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